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You have found the website of Spiderhouse Productions Ltd, an enthusiastic collective of independent film makers.

Some introductions are perhaps in order, so here’s some info...

Spiderhouse film slate for DEPARTURE

The Spiders

Although we have been around for a while under various guises since our student days, Spiderhouse Productions was officially established in 2005. We originate from the North East, where we are based to this very day.

At the heart of Spiderhouse are a handful of founding members, with a great many friends and collaborators kindly contributing to our endeavors. To see who’s a part of our expanding troupe, please have a look around our crew page.

About our projects

With so many writers involved in Spiderhouse, we’re never short of interesting material to work on. We have accumulated a fair body of work in the last few years, most of which can be seen on this site by going to the projects page.

These are mostly self-financed short films, but we’ve also made a TV pilot and other odd bits and pieces, too. These cover a wide range of genres; drama, film noir, comedy, horror, sci-fi, experimental… you name it.

We are looking forward to graduating to feature film production very soon, as well as championing certain projects for television.

Have a look around, watch some videos or read some articles. But please do be careful; you break it, you buy it.

Getting involved.

Paul sets up lighting

If you would like to be involved in upcoming projects, have a question for us, or wish to comment about anything you see on our site, you can always contact us.

Crew Who?

It doesn't matter how insightful you are, how many books you've read or how much you get 'Citizen Kane'.

Making good films and enjoying the art is about lots of good people working together. We're truly lucky at Spiderhouse to work with some truly talented indviduals.

Who are the people who work so dilligently at the spiderhouse? Read more about our crew

Fancy a go?

We openly encourage anyone to get involved with us and be part of making something great!

We always have loads of projects and ideas on the go. Some big, some small.

So if you want to know more about becoming a spider, check out the current positions

Or just drop us a line

Coming Soon...

Films, screenings and events. Local, national and international we're interested in.

Spiderhouse Productions Ltd
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