Cinema Admits All

In Production / Slated (Subject to change)

    • Inheritance
    • Inheritance

    • M. J. Hadfield | Thriller | Feature
    • A mans difficult journey into a tangle of futile revenge and the fragile relationship between father and son.
    • Song of Sixpence
    • Song of Sixpence

    • D. Chapman | Ghost Story | Short
    • a modern festive ghost story in the vein of M.R. James and the classic BBC ghost stories.
    • SIMOX
    • SIMOX

    • M. Hadfield | Sci-Fi / Horror | Feature
    • A utopian future where constant scrutiny has destroyed all crime, and all humanity with it.

In Post Production

    • Marojin

    • G. Beech | Surreal Drama | Short
    • A young man suffers from acute amnesia and becomes involved in the supernatural unleashing an unnerving chain of events as repressed memories surface.

Completed Projects

    • Hannah

    • P. Roberts & D. Chapman | Drama | 5 mins
    • Hannah survived the accident. Her loved-one was not so lucky. Now she must rise from the wreckage and find the strength to rebuild her life. Alone.
    • Departure

    • D. Chapman | Exp Drama | 12 mins
    • One decision is a matter between life and death. Dante made his fatal decision. But instead of deathly oblivion, he finds himself in limbo.
    • Pini Banini's Razor

    • D. Chapman | Comedy | 6 mins
    • The dawdling Pini still needs a shave, but Eva doesn’t want to be late. Haste and sharp blades make poor bedfellows.
    • Grimm

    • M. Hadfield | Action / Audio-Visual | 5 mins
    • A frightened young woman flees a sinister Lycan pursuer in a world both familiar and strange, through jungles both concrete and organic.
    • Mahler

    • D. Chapman & P. Roberts | Drama | 41 mins
    • A wry fairytale about one man’s release from prison into a strange and sinister world. He must try to ‘do the right thing’ among the eccentrics, weirdos and monsters he meets.
    • Only the Rocks

    • D. Chapman | Crime / Sci-Fi | 12 mins
    • A gangster film with a difference, Only The Rocks is the story of a Mobster on the run following a doomed bank-job. He confronts the mob-boss he deems responsible, plunging him- and us- into another world of truth.
    • Fake Shemps to Aisle Nine

    • P. Roberts | Hor-Rom-Com | 13 mins
    • While out shopping for fresh meat, a decaying zombie falls in love with a living woman. His attempts to impress her by ‘going veggie’ die a death. Shemps is a comedy. With zombies. And romance. A Hor-Rom-Com.
    • Tell Tale

    • P. Roberts | Black Comedy / Art-house | 13 mins
    • A darkly amusing and post-modern drama which takes a wry look at the horrors of modern life; our increasingly violent cities, harrowing jobs, towering taxes and our naiveté regarding what we’re told.
    • The Last Day

    • P. Roberts | Film Noir / Thriller | 20 mins
    • A period neo-noir thriller in which a private eye investigates a case of blackmail. One in which he is the victim. Acting on threats from an unknown villain, his reputation may not be the only thing on the line.
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