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02 February 08

On This Thread: Latest short film 'DEPARTURE' wraps; PINI Update; Call for new blood; Our next project and a brief Anthology Update.


Hello again, everyone. Another update to tell you about our latest short film 'Departure', which we shot over the last weekend of January. This is our second short film in a series we're producing as preparation for our first feature.


In a more experimental approach for Spiderhouse, 'Departure' tells the tale of a young man named Dante lost within the depths of a coma following a suicide bid.

As his slumbering mind makes sense of his troubles, he encounters Virgil and Bea, advocates who will help him decide upon life or death.

Shot in a loose and edgy style, we have quite high hopes for this one, as we were truly overwhelmed by the level of professionalism and dedication from all involved. It was a long, and at times a difficult shoot, but everyone gave their all. So some special thanks go to...

The Cast

Craig Rutherford on the set of DEPARTURE

Craig Rutherford worked seriously hard to create a moving and intense performance as the depressive DANTE, patient and professional to a fault.

Wayne Thompson on the set of DEPARTURE

Wayne Thompson put in a sterling performance as the irreverent VIRGIL.

We were finally able to give him a more substantial role this time and an umbrella to poke himself with!

We're also proud to introduce the effortlessly superb debut of the talented Stacey Scannel as BEA.

Stacey Scannel on the set of DEPARTURE

We just met Stacey, but she proved to be not only a lovely person, but an absolute natural. Future success beckons.

The Crew

On the visual side, Spiderhouse peeps Paul Roberts and Jon McDermott shared duties this time around, with Jon on camera and Paul with Cinematography. Their knowledge and eye really came to the fore yet again. Looks good so far, fellas.

A shot from the Spiderhouse short film DEPARTURE

Great thanks to the three sound techs, two of whom joined us for the first time. There's lots more work yet for Rik McClure, Andy Brown and Sam Grant with sound design and music, but they worked brilliantly over the weekend. Cheers, guys.

Arron Cupid came along and took some great production stills. His work over the weekend and his other photography can be seen on his flikr account.

We were also lucky enough to have a runner with us this time. Young Robert Stein is from Erfurt in Germany and is an exchange student, visiting the UK. His interest in film led him to get some experience with us and he was a BIG help, and contributed so much that we now realise we need somebody as hard working and useful in all our future shoots.

Last but not least: big thanks to Kay Easson and George the Caretaker over at Newcastle Lit & Phil for letting us film in their beautiful building again; huge thanks again to Jamie at Picture Canning North for the use of some equipment, and to Karen and Barry Macey for the generous loan of a gorgeous 1940s View Master.

We're planning a local screening for Departure in a couple of months, so if anybody would like to attend, please contact us.

'Pini Banini's Razor': Second Blood

Rob Bell from 'Pini Banini's Razor'

PINI is still in the pipeline awaiting minor audio work. Apologies to those still waiting for copies, but I'm sure you'll appreciate that the remaining polishing is worth the wait. Watch this space! As soon as things are done, we'll also get a copy online for mass consumption.

Roll up! Roll up!

Forthcoming short, KODEK

The next short (KODEK) is set to begin pre-production in the coming weeks with a shoot happening over early April. We are looking for a number of new faces to add to the mix, so if you think you have something to add in the following areas and you don't already know us please get in touch.

  • Production Manager
  • Runner / Apprentice (Preferably not in University Education)


There's little extra to report on this just yet as things are still closely guarded. Rest assured we're working hard and this project continues to become bigger and better.


Anyway, that will do for now. We're gonna try and get some of our stuff online for download (déja vu?), so please do pop back in a month or so. Free short films, yay!!!

Bye for now. Keep well everyone.,

Dan + Mikey + all us Spideys

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