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30 October 07

On This Thread: 'Pini Banini's Razor' wraps; Mindstorm's Retrospective; The Spiderhouse Anthology Project; 'DEAL' post-production update and Artistic Grant.

"Pini Banini's Razor": First Blood

Pini Balili's Razor

That's right, folks, the footage we frantically shot bloody months ago is finally recognisable as a short film.

Despite being a bit glitchy here and there, and having a temp soundtrack on it, Pini debuted on Saturday the 27th of October at ...

... Mindstorm's Retrospective

Our good friends over at Mindstorm had an anniversary retrospective at Durham Gala theatre, and they were kind enough to screen our film for dessert.

Pini Balili's Razor

Alas, we could not attend ourselves, as we wished to retain our intriguing mystique (Okay, okay, so we were just a bit lame and worn out and grouchy. Real sorry, guys).

Pini Balili's Razor

Apparently Pini went down very well and people laughed in all the right places. Brillogs! We'll finish post-production very very soon, including Rik McClure's uber-funky score, so expect greatness in the near future!

Cheers again to Rob for being Pini Banini, such a good sport, and a damn funny actor. Thanks to Rik for working hard on the score which is sounding excellent, even in these early stages. Thanks and apologies to all at Mindstorm; we definitely owe you one, guys.

Spanthology - The Spiderhouse Anthology

We're still working away on this, and have loads of really fascinating ideas in the mix. Siderhouse Anthology Project

I can't even tell you how great Spiderhouse's first feature is shaping. I literally can't, as Mike says he will kill the life right outta me if I reveal too much. We aren't even telling you the title.


Our closest friends may have read drafts of the portmanteau stories, so please keep shtum everyone. Or believe me, we will track you down and we will kill you. In nasty, nasty ways.

Feel the Deal

Deal, the short we shot with Mindstorm a while back is finally done. Well, almost. As soon as the disk with the finalised music turns up in the post, it's completed. Hurrah!

Thanks to Dave Chapman, who completed the music on such short notice and tried valiantly to get it to me on time for the aforementioned screening. Sorry we didn't make it, Dave. But at least it's done.

Artistic Grant

Sam Grant over at amazing media is currently working on some alternate scores to some of our earlier work. He's looking at 'Deal' and 'Grimm' and coming up with 5.1 surround tracks as part of his training. So at least they'll sound good now (just kidding!).

Sam is a talented musician and is in the group 'Phade Out'. You can hear some of his tracks here. If you'd like to throw some work his way, you can contact him there or drop us an email and we'll do the legwork. And don't forget that our own sound production team headed by Rik McClure is also available for work.


That's all for now. We're gonna try and get some of our stuff online for download, so please do pop back in a month or so. Free short films, yay!!

Bye for now. Keep well everyone.,

Dan + Mikey + all us Spideys

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