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04 May 07

On This Thread: Our First Newsletter; 'Pini Balili's Razor' wraps; Spiderhouse Anthology News; Projects in the Pipeline and Thanx!

Hi, everyone.

What do you think of Spiderhouse Productions' first newsletter? Looks pretty sexy if you ask me. But it's not all about the style when Spiderhouse are concerned. Hell, no! Take a gander through our roster and see what kind of stuff we've been up to…

Pini Balili's Razor

Some Shorts One: Pini Balili's Razor

A little short called PINI BALILI'S RAZOR was filmed over the weekend. It was pretty damn intensive: shot almost completely in a single day and involving an absurd amount of fake blood (don't worry, it's a comedy).

Debut performer Rob Bell did a superlative job as PINI, a guy who accidentally hits a major artery while shaving… with hilarious results.

Pini Balili's Razor

I think you'll agree from the screenshots that it looks a gallon of laughs. There's vast amounts of post-production to do, so expect that in the near future.

In the meantime, There's some more productions photos on flickr @: and we'll try and get a trailer online soon.

Spiderhouse Anthology Project

Siderhouse Anthology Project

Dismembered heads!! Homicidal amnesia!! Seashore nightmares!! That's right, our horror anthology, is still very much alive.

A final treatment should be completed soon, and we're all quietly pleased with our own little stories as part of the compendium of terror. Expect newsletter #2 to cover more of this.

Memento mori.

In the Pipeline

Of course, there are other projects in the pipeline, but you'll just have to wait to find out what. Script submissions, bursaries, independent projects… you know the drill.


Before I go, some thanks are in order. We'd like to express our gratitude to Jamie Hutchinson at Picture Canning North, Cruet London, and our friend Jack Tarling for helping us out with kit for the PINI shoot.

Wayne Thompson did a superb job with effects, thanks to Craig Rutherford for recommending Rob and it was great to have Kat on board again.

Thanks everyone! We really couldn't have done it without you.

Bye for now, we'll be in touch soon.


Dan + Mikey + all at Spiderhouse Productions

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