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31 August 08

On This Thread: Salutations; Violins and Happy Endings; Film Release Delays; Spiderhouse on DVD; Future Projects In The Pipeline; All Quiet On The Spiderfront.


Time again for another Spiderhouse newsletter.

But before we get going, just a quick word of thanks to everybody taking the time to read these little Spiderhouse newsflashes of ours. Your interest and support means a great deal to us.

Incidentally, it's pretty likely that these newsletters will become a touch more sporadic in the immediate future, for reasons which shall soon become clear.

So please subscribe if you haven't yet done so, as you may find us a little quiet for a while. Anyway, on with the news...

Violins and Happy Endings

Following our problematic 'Departure' screening at the Tyneside Cinema last July, it pleases me to say that everything has since been settled very amicably.

The cinema management were extremely understanding; we received a lengthy letter of apology, a full refund for the screen hire, and even a couple of free tickets.

Tyneside Cinema

So there are no hard feelings after all. Ce'st la vie. It was unfortunate, but these things do happen. And for the record; despite the technical glitches, the staff at the Tyneside have been nothing but helpful, and the cinema itself was smashing.

No complaints there. I'm sure our next screening will fair much better, so we hope to see you all again in a few months time for 'Surveillants'.

Film Release Delays - The Definitive Director's Cut: Special Collectors Editions

Only joking. Our last couple of films are merely awaiting finishing touches...

Although 'Departure' was fully completed for July's screening, there are a few audio tweaks required before it is ready for festival submissions.

This shouldn't take too long, and we expect it to be finished and ready for DVD in a month or two. Watch this space.

Pini Banini's Razor on DVD

Following the screening, Pini Banini's Razor is also currently undergoing a final polish to the music, at the behest of the composer.

The DVD authoring and packaging is good-to-go and the tweaking pretty much done, so this should also appear very soon.

And since we're talking about DVD releases...

Spiderhouse on DVD

Since we started making films, just about everybody always enquires exactly when and how they'll get to see our films.

Well, I am pleased to announce that we finally have plans to release all of our work on DVD very soon:

  • An 'Archive' DVD containing all five of our early films is in the pipeline. Dating back to 2002 and made while eager film students, this collection includes: The Last Day, Tell Tale, Fake Shemps, Only The Rocks and Mahler. (1h 45mins)
  • We also aim to make our Showreel available. This will contain our newer, more accomplished films: Grimm, Pini Banini's Razor, Departure and so on. We may also offer some of these as standalone DVD's.

We'll probably ask those interested to pay for P&P and material costs. And if you don't like that idea, don't worry; when Spiderhouse have an official new website (this temporary site has been up for ages), trailers and films will be available to download.

Future Projects In The Pipeline

The next big project is Mike J Hadfield's short film SURVEILLANTS, which is currently in pre-production and slated for a January shoot.

Spiderhouse Productions' Next Short Film

We won't reveal too much here, but needless to say it's another vastly different film from us. You guys should be nicely surprised.

Our HORROR ANTHOLOGY FEATURE is still very much in the works, with a finished script expected anon. We are currently in discussions about filming the first segment, and keen to get the production started as soon as possible. We are already acquiring snazzy new equipment for the shoot (yes, 'snazzy').

All Quiet On The Spiderfront

With lots of other scripts on the go, and lots more extemporaneous shorts planned, we have plenty to be getting on with. Which is why we may seem very quiet for a while. We'll be too busy working on scripts and productions.

As always, you'll be the first to hear about noteworthy developments as they happen. When there's something new to report, we'll let you know.

So if we aren't in touch for a while, look after yourselves and each other.

Keep well, everyone. Bye for now.

Dan + all us Spideys

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