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31 July 08

On This Thread: Departure Screening; Thanks!; Upcoming projects.

Hi, everyone

Back again to tell you what's been going on with the Spiderhouse Gang (TM) since our last newsletter.

If you haven't seen us recently or been following our movements (and if not, why not?!), here's what we've been up to...

Departed and Banini'd

Well, last Sunday was our first official Spiderhouse screening for two of our latest short films: 'Departure' and last years 'Pini Banini's Razor'.

Departure Title Screen

Both films were fairly long in the making, but Pini is now fully scored with original music, and 'Departure' is also finished (though perhaps there's a couple of tweaks).

I have to admit we're very happy with the results.

Alas, it saddens me to say that Sunday's screening was a great disappointment due to technical problems. Through no fault of our own, projection troubles did damage the experience somewhat.


But, the films did eventually get shown properly, and thankfully the audience was able to overlook the debacle and the responses were actually very positive.

I was very impressed that everyone was so supportive and kind enough to voice their appreciation of both Departure and Pini. So...

A big thank you to everyone who came to the screening!

It truly meant a great deal to us that so many of you came along on sunday. Even though the weather was ridiculously hot, you guys still made the effort to attend, and we sincerely appreciate it.


Given our screening woes, the sense of support was easily the greatest thing we got out of the whole situation. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

What's next...

A short film by Mike is next on the cards, then a short film with friend and colleague Graeme Beech will probably be next in the pipeline.

Upcoming shorts

As always, we have a feature film as an ongoing endevour and many other projects we're certainly not going to divulge to the likes of you! Just kidding... when the next project is on the cards, you'll be the first to know.


So stay tuned and we'll be in touch soon with more news of the next story we'd like to tell you.

Bye for now, stay safe everybody.

Dan + all us Spideys

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