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  • Thread #06

    31 August 08
    Thread #06

    On This Thread: Salutations; Violins and Happy Endings; Film Release Delays; Spiderhouse on DVD; Future Projects In The Pipeline; All Quiet On The Spiderfront.

  • Thread #05

    31 July 08
    Thread #05

    On This Thread: Departure Screening; Thanks!; Upcoming projects.

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  • Thread #03

    02 February 08

    On This Thread: Latest short film 'DEPARTURE' wraps; PINI Update; Call for new blood; Our next project and a brief Anthology Update.

  • Thread #02

    30 October 07

    On This Thread: 'Pini Banini's Razor' wraps; Mindstorm's Retrospective; The Spiderhouse Anthology Project; 'DEAL' post-production update and Artistic Grant.

  • Thread #01

    04 May 07

    On This Thread: Our First Newsletter; 'Pini Balili's Razor' wraps; Spiderhouse Anthology News; Projects in the Pipeline and Thanx!

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