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  • Posted on 04 March 10 by mike.
    You had to kill a dog. And that's why you're late?

    I've avidly read Paul's short, exploratory stageplays and was blown away by the performed reading given in London yesterday 3rd March 2010.

    The plays (3 of them) are based around a feature script called 'Redhand' about the last days of an aging Irish Terrorist seeking redepmtion where there is none. A script which Paul himself has used the phrase 'highly stylised uber destruction' to describe it's ending.

    The plays were written for Paul to explore the characters and their lives, long before we see them as old men in the film.

    If you want to know more about the reading, see my previous post 'Pink Confetti' Reading in London.

    Read on to see what I thought and view some photos.

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  • Posted on 19 February 10 by mike.
    'Pink Confetti' Reading in London

    Click here to read the follow up ~ 'You had to kill a dog. And that's why you're late?'

    What do you do when the powers that be (bee see) like your writing, but refuse to make your movie film?

    Paul has been rather prolific in his penmanship lately. And I love being greeted in my overflowing inbox by one of his succinctly subjected emails.

    It's the attachment that has my attention, the sweet-sweet juicy bit. Paul's dark, emotive and violence stained literary muffins.

    Back at the end of August, it began this way. 'Stuff' said the subject line. 'Paul's First Stageplay 1.pdf' was the attachment. 'Time for a coffee' I thought.

    After writing a full feature length called 'Redhand' and not having any luck getting it picked up, unfazed Paul set about writing three exploratory stage plays about younger versions of it's central characters.

    And now, after months of work, some talented actors have taken the first of these three, called 'Pink Confetti' and prepared a rehearsed reading.

    It's being performed in London a few weeks from now, and I can't wait to journey down and experience it!

    So, that is how the beginning ends.

    Read on for the full press release from Producer Katherine Beresford.

    And I'll let you know about my trip and how things went.

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