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  • Posted on 29 October 09 by mike.
    Pray for the New Spiderhouse Design

    It's been languishing in development hell as the recent workload has been enormous, but it's finally online!

    There's still some more content to be added, like trailers and artwork, and it needs a little finessing but it's pretty much all here.

    I've been researching film posters for a while with the aim of designing them for our own projects. I really loved the old 70's classics from studios like Fox and and Paramount. One that really caught my eye was the poster for Rosemary's Baby (1968) by Stephen Frankfurt.

    It's this poster which was a source of much inspiration for the new look of the website, and it's no surprise it captured my imagination, being designed by a man schooled by William Bernbach, a mammoth figure in the history of advertising whose innovative approaches created a revolution in the 1960's.

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  • Posted on 16 October 09 by mike.
    Simox Concept Art Exhibited @ Design Event

    We've been lucky enough to display some concept art as part of this years Design Event for the 'Uses of Intelligence' exhibition.

    The art is for a project in development called 'SIMOX'. Originally a short, but now feature length, the film follows the final days of a monolithic city which has a society based entirely on surveillance culture.

    The work is being displayed at Washington Arts Centre until 21st November 2009.

    It's this theme of surveillance, and more importantly surveillance devices which tied in nicely with the exhibition.

    The element which seems to ignite peoples imaginations about the film, is the cctv camera on six insectile legs, which crawl over the city to spy on it's inhabitants.

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