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  • Posted on 26 February 10 by mike.
    Stop! It's Scammertime

    Every so often when traversing the glorious commercial connectivity of the internets, you get a brief reminder that sharks lurk and drift in the shadows beneath the browser chrome.

    We had one of those occasions recently when looking to hire a location for a production. I should mention at this point, that if someone asks for a deposit upfront via Moneygram or Western Union transfer, it's a scam.

    19th Century Scammer Gregor MacGregor

    Scammers really aren't anything new. The image above is a related fragment from the scam of an early 19th century scumbag, Gregor MacGregor.

    In 1820, Greg had the profitable idea of making himself a prince of a fictitious country, Poyais.

    Well, why not eh?

    He then set about conning people into buying shares of land, some of whom (about 240) took the voyage to settle this fertile central american land of plenty.

    180 of 240 optimistic settlers died once reaching their destination, finding nothing but jungle and fever. Greg made a lot of money off the back of peoples optimism, and then snuck off to France.

    What we encountered was far less dramatic and likely perpetrated by people less fortunate than ourselves (certainly less than the privelaged military status of Gregor MacGregor allowed).

    Still, that doesn't mean we can't string them along and have a little fun, now does it ;)

    Read on for the fun part.

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  • Posted on 18 January 10 by dan.
    Horrid Nostalgia – Like A Bellyful Of Honey

    Against my better judgement, I recently journeyed the rather dubious world of old-school games console emulation.

    Essentially, this required poking around the Ugliest Web Sites Imaginable™ this side of Hades.  Imagine a Ukrainian website about Lego... crashing angrily ... and then imploding into the very bowels of the internet.

    And all of this just to dig out the video games of my youth.  Shudder and wince.

    How for Now?

    Okay, here's a quick 'How 2' for those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about:

    All you need to know is that there are some very nerdy places on the internet with a PC emulator for every old video game and console that history has wisely forgotten.

    I suggest you read on and then do likewise...

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