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2010: The Year We Make Contact?

2010: The Year We Make Contact?

Welcome one and all to a new decade, hopefully one that is filled with creativitiy, suspense, thrills, spills, terror, laughter, excitement and fun!

As the snow drifts down and piles ever higher, we continue to sculpt and craft plans and ideas for the first part of the year.

The passing of previous annum seemed a slow and difficult event in the lives of everyone we know (probably due to the recession) and we're fit to burst with the pressure of getting some films made.

So read on to see what's currently on the development slate...

Short and Sweet

There's a handful of shorts written which are in the midst of pre-production.

First up is Graeme Beech's trimmed down, winter reworking of 'Losing Dreams' titled 'Marojin'.

A lonely, creeping, dark tale of a young man facing loss and his inner demons.

With the spirit of Christmas still in the air, Dan Chapman has penned a modern festive ghost story in the vein of M.R. James and the classic BBC ghost stories.

Turnaround should be swift, energetic and rewarding for 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' across a couple of mist swirled winter mornings in January.

Last but not least, Wayne Thompson is planning his own production of a performance piece titled 'Retribution' about revenge and justice.

Feature Presentation

The biggest rumblings here over the last 6 months have been the plans for a feature length film.

The greatest energy and emphasis of the new year is to get the first Spiderhouse feature in the can.

The final script is still to be officially chosen, but the consensus amongst the staff and crew seems to be all but decided. The production meeting next week should hopefully finalise this.

More news will follow soon, but rest assured, the first feature is in the making, principal photography is in March and completion will be before the year is out.

Loose Ends

Additionally, there is still work being done on Supermojo's music video, and we'll be shooting the second half of that very soon.

The final grade for Craig Rutherford's 'Ballerina's Lullaby' is being finalised in collaboration with Scruff Productions and others.

And there's another screening in the near future to show off all the recent work everyone's been doing. Keep an eye out for how to get free tickets!


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