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Supermojo Music Video Part 1

Supermojo Music Video Part 1

I knew it! I knew it! However many balloons you think you need, get twice as many!

That goes even if you are buying 500 hundred. And if people laugh at you on the phone when you say the words, 'I think we need one thousand balloons' ignore them.

However, 500 balloons still make a strong impression.

Why am I going on about balloons so much? Last weekend we shot the first part of a music video for an unsigned Nottingham band called 'Supermojo'.

It involved filling the stage with balloons.

Everything all came about very quickly on Monday, an idea was forged and changed, and changed again, but we managed well and had a great night shooting.

Special thanks to Polestar Studios who catered for our late night, inflated rubber bag escapade.

Here are a few photos of the shoot.

Is that really 500 balloons?

Yes (minus a few poppages here and there).


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