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Simox Concept Art Exhibited @ Design Event

Simox Concept Art Exhibited @ Design Event

We've been lucky enough to display some concept art as part of this years Design Event for the 'Uses of Intelligence' exhibition.

The art is for a project in development called 'SIMOX'. Originally a short, but now feature length, the film follows the final days of a monolithic city which has a society based entirely on surveillance culture.

The work is being displayed at Washington Arts Centre until 21st November 2009.

It's this theme of surveillance, and more importantly surveillance devices which tied in nicely with the exhibition.

The element which seems to ignite peoples imaginations about the film, is the cctv camera on six insectile legs, which crawl over the city to spy on it's inhabitants.

The Work in Question

Fine artist Joel Weaver had already done some initial sketches when we were first approached. Thanks to a tip off by local culture vulture and good friend James Smith, Development Officer Susannah Aynsley asked to borrow some work.

People Take a Good Look at Joel's Character Sketches

Getting everything right and together was so much more difficult than anticipated, and at times it seemed like nothing would go right.

Simox Device Design 01 by Joel Weaver (Concept by M Hadfield)

Despite pressures with work commitments and a lack of funds for materials we got the majority of things together on time.

Joel picked 8 prints to display, and I had some early poster concepts printed.

Unfortunately, the models we'd hoped to display simply weren't ready, despite valient efforts from multiple Spiders in the small hours of the morning.

However, the work we displayed looked great in the space, and seemed to fit well. Hopefully people will find it interesting and take something from it.

Plenty of people showed up at the opening night and the CCTV Treasure Hunt really piqued peoples interest which was great to see

All's Well That Ends Well

Simox Teaser Poster 01 by M J Hadfield

Would I exhibit again? I'm not sure, it's a huge amount of pressure and commitment when the situation is so fluid, as it is with film production. Perhaps if the work in question was already complete.

We'd sincerely like to again thank Susannah for letting us show off some of our work, James for putting us forward and Peter Martin over at Rufus for doing a great job with the printing.

Go check out the exhibition if you get the chance, there's lots of other stuff to see, including an enigma machine (which seemed to go down well) and lots of cameras and surveillancy type stuff.


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