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New Site and Updates

New Site and Updates

After a long time away from the old internet, we're back with a snazzy new website. I'm sure you'll agree that it's a vast improvement over the previous 'temporary' one.

Have a look around and check out all the new info we've added. Let's see... what's new since you were last here...

Well, you may be interested to hear that our last couple of official short films, Pini Banini and Departure, are currently being submitted to a bunch of film festivals.

Gone are the days when we were happy enough to invite cast, crew, friends and family to our private screenings – we thought it about time to send some of these babies out into the real world.

Outside of the Box

Right now, they're hopefully being considered for various prestigious festivals in the US and Europe. Wish us luck. I'll let you know if we've had any success in the following months.

Aside from that, we've been doing a lot of writing and generating even more projects...

We had a couple of false starts on minor projects (it can't all be good news)...

Mike and Joel exhibited some of the Simox production designs and poster artwork...

We shot a short film for some of our actor friends in London called Shocker...

And helped out our friend Craig with his short film Ballerinas Lullaby...

... And all sorts of stuff. Have a look around the website and see what else is new. And come back soon, ya hear? There may be more stuff I need to tell you about.


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