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'Marojin' Roles Cast

'Marojin' Roles Cast

Ethan Jackson, Keith Chanter and Sarah Gargett accept roles in Graeme Beech's short film.

As previously mentioned, we had a really positive response for this film and a great audition over at Newcastle's Lit & Phil.

We really enjoyed the sessions and were very impressed with everyone who took the time out to read for us.

This made making decisions tough, so read on to find out more about the final cast.

Introducing Ethan Jackson as TOBY

Ethan Jackson - Image courtesy of Doubletake Studios

Image courtesy of Doubletake Studios

Ethan's easy going manner combined with his delicate and natural performance at the audition instantly chimed with the role.

Although a fresh face to film work, his theatre experience, intelligence and sincere enthusiasm will make him a strong lead performer.

You can read more about his experience at his spotlight profile.

Introducing Sarah Gargett as ANNABELLE

Sarah Gargett - Image courtesy of Anon

Sarah couldn't make the initial auditions and had to settle for a more informal meeting with Graeme and Dan. It was worth the wait as her sunny disposition and amiability made her a perfect match for the small supporting role.

We hope to see more from Sarah in the future as she moves back up to the North to continue her acting career.

You can read more about her experience at her CCP profile.

Keith Chanter as ALAN

Sarah Gargett - Image courtesy of Julia Gordon

Image courtesy of Julia Gordon

Auditioning is never easy, and Keith had a tougher task performing a voice audition over the phone.

He brought the necessary gravitas as the totemic and paternal voice in the dark in Graeme's film.

Keith is a very experienced Shakespearean actor from theatre and radio who has already brought a great spectrum of character to the role.

Take a look at some of Keith's extensive experience on his CCP profile


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