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'Pink Confetti' Reading in London

'Pink Confetti' Reading in London

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What do you do when the powers that be (bee see) like your writing, but refuse to make your movie film?

Paul has been rather prolific in his penmanship lately. And I love being greeted in my overflowing inbox by one of his succinctly subjected emails.

It's the attachment that has my attention, the sweet-sweet juicy bit. Paul's dark, emotive and violence stained literary muffins.

Back at the end of August, it began this way. 'Stuff' said the subject line. 'Paul's First Stageplay 1.pdf' was the attachment. 'Time for a coffee' I thought.

After writing a full feature length called 'Redhand' and not having any luck getting it picked up, unfazed Paul set about writing three exploratory stage plays about younger versions of it's central characters.

And now, after months of work, some talented actors have taken the first of these three, called 'Pink Confetti' and prepared a rehearsed reading.

It's being performed in London a few weeks from now, and I can't wait to journey down and experience it!

So, that is how the beginning ends.

Read on for the full press release from Producer Katherine Beresford.

And I'll let you know about my trip and how things went.

'Pink Confetti' by Paul Roberts

03/03/2010 at The Royal Star, London.

Pink Confetti Poster

Belfast, 1973. Halftank's mercy killing causes events to spiral out of control. Frank isn't sure why his prisoner is bleeding from his leg like that. And Badger is taking things personal.

As you read this, Spiderhouse goes into production with it's first theatrical outing, a semi-staged, rehearsed reading of talented screenwriter writer Paul Roberts' first stage-play 'Pink Confetti'.

This is very much a work in progress as the show's London producers plan on turning this into a full scale production in the capital later this year and possibly even making the journey up north for the famous Edinburgh fringe festival.

As with everything however, this will require funding, so if you know of any wealthy theatre patrons, please let us know!

The reading itself will not disappoint however for, on top of a phenomenal script we have the talents of:

Kat Gillet, our New Zealand born director who last year took the musical 'Dark Angels' to the Edinburgh Festival and has also directed the highly successful 'Durang Durang' at London's Hen and Chicken's theatre.

Stephen Cavanagh who graduated from Dublin's Gaiety Acting school in 2000 and has performed with companies such as the Citizens Theatre Company Glasgow and Mercury Theatre Colchester.

Richard Carroll, an Arts Ed graduate who has performed on the Olivier stage at the National.

Giles Maythan another former arts Ed and East 15 actor, who's most notable achievement to date was appearing alongside Emma Thompson in her critically acclaimed film "Journey" about the sex trafficking trade.

Kyle Ross, a recent graduate of The Drama studio who has performed as Julius Caesar with the Lazarus Theatre company at London's Blue Elephant Theatre and was one of the 2009 nominees for the highly recognised spotlight prize for best actor.


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