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Casting Call for 'Marojin'

Casting Call for 'Marojin'

"Burn this and eat the ashes. Then it will begin."

Thus echo the inciting lines in Graeme Beech's new short film, a surreal psycho-drama dealing with grief, denial and the occult.

The dates for principal photography have been set in early March and we've been industrious behind the walls of the Spiderhouse these last few months to bring this to life.

The casting call is out and we've already had a great response, so thank you to everyone who's contacted us so far.

Please read on for full details

Three Roles Available

The full brief can also be seen on Casting Call Pro, Starnow and Mandy.

Marojin (10 minute short film)

Payment is on a lo/no basis – expenses only.

'Marojin' is a surreal psycho-drama dealing with grief, denial and the occult.

Following a serious car accident, a young man named Toby suffers from acute amnesia. In attempting to unlock his memories, he becomes involved in the supernatural and instigates an unnerving chain of events as repressed memories surface.

Filming will take place in the North East during late February / early March 2010. The shoot is expected to cover two weekends (4 days total).

The deadline for applicants is February 6th 2010.

Previous experience preferred, all considered. Please note that travel expenses can only be provided for applicants traveling within 40 miles of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

TOBY - lead male, twenties.

Dark hair, slim build. Boyish in appearance, respectable in character. Recently bereaved, Toby is quiet and melancholy, a man of few words with a troubled intensity.

ANNABELLE - female, twenties.

White hair, slender build. Young artistic professional. Her manner is very down to earth and pragmatic, with a serious yet warm demeanor.

ALAN - male, fifties (approx)

Must have a strong vocal presence, as the role provides voice-over (no screen presence). A deep and smoky voice preferred. Alan is calm, measured and knowing. Tone of voice suggestive of a story-teller, a therapist, or a seer.

Applying for Consideration

The best way is to register with one of the sites above, and use their submission system. You can also drop an email to

Keep an eye out for more information over the coming weeks.


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